Durham Uni Visit – Saturday 29th April 2017

The OA office and teaching staff  Sally Ellis, Fiona Adamson and Heather Stewart joined Old Ashvillians Harry Dow (OA 2008-2015) , Kat Bullock (OA 2004 – 2013), Bella Hill-Baker (2004 – 2015  ), Polly Whitelam (2008-2013)  and Jess Frieze (2009 – 2015) at Cappriccios Italian Restaurant in Durham as part of Ashville Colleges re-instated OA Uni visits program.

There was much reminiscing and laughter and we were amazed when we realised we had been sitting in the restaurant for four hours, talking non-stop! As well as catching up with news of past pupils and what they were up to – the issue of  industry placements , work experience and employment opportunities came up as a common concern amongst our OAS. Lynn Conway – the Ashvillian & Development Secretary – delighted the assembled students with news of the introduction of a new ‘networking platform’ in the coming months which would afford OAs the opportunity to ‘link up ‘ with fellow OAs so they could help each other out with jobs, accommodation, work experience and mentoring opportunities.

All the OAs said they wanted to return to the college for Celebration weekend this summer in order to say their farewells to Mark Lauder and his family  –  we left the restaurant with the promise of future visits and looking forward to meeting up again at the Ashvillian Society Black Tie Dinner at the Majestic Hotel on Saturday 1st July.

If you would like us to arrange a University visit to your College / University – simply email the oa office at oa@ashville.co.uk – we would be delighted to organise something on your behalf.


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