Ashville’s Downton Star Reopens Soothill Hall After £2.25M Refit

Former Head Boy and Downton Abbey star Jim Carter was the guest of honour at the reopening of the Soothill Hall, which has undergone a £2.25m refurbishment.

Jim arrived at his old school for a lunch with invited guests, before spending an hour with drama students in the drama studio. Following a short ceremony, Jim uncovered a plaque bearing its new name — The Carter Studio.

It was then to the Soothill Hall, where he cut the ribbon to declare the auditorium officially open, before taking to the stage for ‘An Audience With Jim Carter’, which was one of the headline acts at the school’s Arts Festival.

OA President Nick Breton, who had the pleasure of meeting Jim said:

Jim is a fantastic ambassador for Ashville and is probably the school’s best-known old pupil.

Nick added:

The Soothill Hall has been totally transformed, and is a far cry from the hall that I performed in back in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

It was a pleasure sitting in the audience listening to Jim talk about his days at Ashville and his fondness for the school.

From acting in house and school plays, he is now one of the most recognised faces on TV today.

We are very proud of our very own Downton Abbey superstar.

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