Christmas Drinks : Wednesday 16th December 2015

A fabulous turnout was seen at this years annual OA Christmas Drinks with over 70 attendees from amongst Old Ashvillians from across the generations, Governors, and retired members of staff. The College was delighted to welcome its “OA’s in waiting” in the form of its current Upper 6th as well as some of last years leavers. Retired 7th Headmaster Michael Crosby also joined the celebrations

During the course of the evening  the Memorial Hall Panel Restoration donors’ board was unveiled, in recognition of those who enabled us to restore so many plaques as part of the £80K Memorial Hall refurbishment.

A bespoke piece of artwork by local artist , and Ashville parent, Anita Bowerman was also unveiled. Anita who was commissioned to produce an original piece of art on the behalf of the College and was the Official Artist of the Tour de Yorkshire 2015.

Anita’s paper-cut original art piece beautifully captures the essence of Ashville  It is planned that the original will be auctioned off at a future Ashville event, with copies (as paper prints and / or laser-cuts) being available for purchase. A commission will be paid to the Ashville Foundation for each print sold.

Prints are available to purchase on Anita’s website:



Mem Donors pic 2


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