Celebrating 125 yrs of Ashvillian Society: 1st March 2016

To mark 125 years of the Ashvillian Society a drinks reception was held at the Thames Pavilion Dining Room at the House of Commons on Tuesday 1st March. The event was  hosted by Julian Sturdy, Old Ashvillian and Conservative MP for York Outer.

The “Ashville College Old Boys’ Association” was the inspiration of Frederick Lincoln Armitage of Leeds, and the first reunion took place on October 25th 1890 and attracted 53 Old Boys. Given the College had only been in existence just 13 years that was no mean feat.

The 125th anniversary event was a sell out with 62 old boys and girls from across the generations enjoying drinks and canapes in the historic House of Commons. Speeches were made by Julian Sturdy MP, Nick Breton (Society Immediate Past President) and Headmaster, DM Lauder.

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