Ashvillian Society Annual Lunch: Saturday 12th November 2016


The annual Ashvillian Society Lunch took place on Saturday 12th November. This years  lunch saw the launch of a new initiative  ‘Decades Reunions’ – and brought together  Old Ashvillians who had left College in the years up to and including 1955.


The Lunch saw the unveiling of new pre 1977 Honours Boards recognizing Head Prefects as far back as our records allowed (1918) – and we were delighted to have 7 at the lunch, all of whom were presented with lapel badges by the Headmaster in advance of the Boards being unveiled by HH Stephen Lloyd (57-58) and Mark Hanson (76-77).

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Information Update

We are attempting to improve our current database of information on old Ashvillians in the hope that we can put it to better use in future to help both past and present students.

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