Ashvillian Library Talk

On Friday 26th June sixth form scientists were treated to a fascinating insight into the worlds of aeronautical engineering and particle physics. Old Ashvillians Ian Dodds, David C. Walker and David Buck visited the Lancaster Library for an afternoon of memories and incredible stories about their distinguished careers.

David C Walker (Ashville student 1942-52) began with a description of muon science and the inspirational force of his Ashville science teachers Harry Davies and David Welsh in his choice to enter the field of science. We then heard Ian Dodds recount tales of his time working for NASA space programs and designing escape mechanisms for aeroplanes.

Both speakers provided inspiration in droves for the potential achievements an Ashville education may enable, pupils and staff alike learnt a great deal over the course of the afternoon. David C Walker has kindly presented copies of his book ‘Muon and muonium chemistry’ to the Lancaster Library.

David Buck has also presented signed copies of his privately published works including ‘Letters to Pearl’, ‘The I, Jesus Scrolls’ and ‘Through the Eye of a Needle’. These will be available in the new academic year as part of a special collection of Ashville alumni published works.

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