Ashville Wedding Bells – Mindy Tsui and Alfred Chan April 9th 2016 by Paul Gilmore

            On Saturday, April 9th, it was my good fortune to attend the wedding of two Ashville ex-pupils, Mindy Tsui and Alfred Chan.  The wedding took place at Saints Cosmas & Damian Catholic Church in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.

            Although the wedding ceremony was in the afternoon, for Mindy the day began a little earlier – at 5 o’clock in fact – when her make-up lady arrived and she put on a traditional red and gold silk dress.

            It was a real privilege for me to be present at the morning celebrations at the bride’s home and then at the home of the groom.  At each place, Mindy and Alfred knelt in front of a pair of family members, offered them tea and received blessings and a gift in return.  After that, we visited the Chan family shrine in honour of the ancestors.

            Mindy then changed into a white wedding dress and we all headed for the church.

            The evening reception was a lavish affair in a large banquet hall with over 200 guests.  The happy couple spent most of the evening on a beautifully decorated stage posing for photos with family and friends.  Among the guests were some more of our ex-pupils and it was a wonderful opportunity for me to meet them again.

            Meanwhile, the food just kept on coming, course after course.  It was delicious – but I think I’ll pass on the goosefeet next time!

            Mindy, who is a beautician, left Ashville in 2005 and Alfred, a designer, left two years later.  They both have happy memories of their time here – not least because this is where they met.  The couple now live close to Alfred’s family home with Mindy’s golden retriever, Twinkle (who is something of a facebook celebrity) and Alfred’s Rottweiler, Mark (yes, that’s his name!).

            I hope that Mindy and Alfred will have a long and happy life together and I’m already anticipating the arrival of a bunch of young Chans at Ashville before too long!

Paul Gilmore ,  English Foreign Languages Teacher, Ashville College

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